Auf Naxos, Frankfurt am Main

Theater Willy Praml



we really don’t want to tell you anything. and it’s not enough if you just listen. we talk. you talk. repeat.

TALK.TALK uses this mechanism, testing out the impact of collective repetition on a group. The two performers are hosting the evening and lead the audience through a parcours of words and sounds making up promises, everyday dialogue, speech acts, onomatopoetic words and games of whisper, seeking to build a community with and by voices. At all times the performance follows one basic rule: „Everything that is being said needs to be repeated by everyone else. Once the repetition stops, the performance will also stop.“

Konzept/Performance: Romuald Krężel und Emmilou Rößling

Im Rahmen der Goethe Festwoche der Stadt Frankfurt am Main.

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